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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

African Politics and Development Policy – Professor Dr. Alexander Stroh

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Interviewing Ghana


The Junior Chair of African Politics and Development Policy specializes in democratization issues in Africa.

It focuses on actors and processes that are of importance for both political and broader socio-economic development. These include amongst others political parties and electoral processes as well as top-level judges between politicization of the judiciary and judicialization of politics.

Within the framework of the Excellence Cluster 'Africa Multiple', interdisciplinary questions of regional integration have also become an important part of research. The focus is on regional jurisdiction in particular. A relational approach of political justice research is used, which was developed together with colleagues from Canberra and Melbourne.

Two PhD theses deal with determinants of voter participation and risks of violence in the context of partisan mobilization. Another doctoral thesis compares the influence of the Arab Spring on the cultural policies of three Northwest African countries.

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