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Politik Afrikas und Entwicklungspolitik – Professor Dr. Alexander Stroh

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European Blended Seminar in Summer Term 2023


Hradec Králové University

In the summer term of 2023, the University of Bayreuth together with three more European universities successfully implemented the international seminar Comparative African Politics: 'Africa is not a country' for 24 MA and PhD students. The Czech host university in Hradec Králové warmly welcomed all students for the final week of workshop sessions and additional learning and social events from 10-14 July 2023.

The in-presence part of this seminar, which was funded with the help of the Erasmus+ scheme for Blended Intensive Programmes, was preceded by online lectures throughout the months of May and June that included lecturers from all four partner universities. Students explored and analyzed various aspects of contemporary African politics from a comparative perspective, including questions of language and diversity politics, urban and international developments as well as human rights, elections and democratization. Besides UBT and the University of Hradec Králové, Sciences Po Bordeaux (France) and the University L'Orientale in Naples (Italy) were part of the programme. The four universities are part of a larger European university alliance that seeks to enhance teaching and research cooperation for the benefit of its joint scholarly and learning communities. Students participating in the seminar appreciated the experience and encouraged the organizers to go on with similar offers.

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